About SolOriensTours

“Give him alms, woman, because there is nothing in life like the sadness of being blind in the
city of Granada”

What is Sol Oriens?

Sol Oriens aims to be a change in tourism, a before and after.

Its maxim is to reach the largest possible number of people, regardless of nationality, religion or condition, with the purpose of making Granada known in all its splendor.

Walk its cobblestones and drink tea in places that will make you think of being in another place unrelated to reality. From knowing its beautiful trails through Sierra Nevada to enjoying its markets and fragrances.

Logo symbology

I have been always in love with Granada, especially with Sierra Nevada. The first writings that mencionet it, name it as “Mount Sulair” or “Sol Oriens” because the sun shines on the summits of it before it appeared on the horizon. The meaning of the logo resides in two elements that I always carry with me: a pendant of a Compass Rose and a Chinese coin.

I was always curious about the world, its different cultures and its way of being. For this reason, since I can remember I always drew Compass Rose. A few years ago, a good friend of mine gave me a gift that would accompany me practically every day: A pendant in the shape of a Rose of the Winds. Always trust in the winds, they will guide you to the right place. 

In addition, I also specialized in Chinese in my degree, and a friend who traveled to China gave me this particular coin, promising that one day I would travel there and carry an equal to her, showing that I would have mastered the language and also managed it to defend myself in Chinese in order to get her an equal coin.

I would like to be able to make Granada known to everyone, even those who live at the other end, in the East. I would love to guide you here like a Compass Rose does, and show you the most beautiful city in the world.